Our Pricing.

Let's find the number that matches your project's ambition

There are 4 levers for every project.

  • Scope - what the project includes
  • Time - how long it will take to deliver
  • Quality - aesthetics, scalability, longevity
  • Cost - the budget / investment required

We'd like you to order these 4 items by priority in your own mind before hopping on a call with us.

Typically it takes Thrive two conversations to give you an exact cost for your project.

our minimum.

While we can't give you an exact price for your project until we understand the scope of your project, our website project minimum starts at:


blueprint for online excellence

How we get to your project price.

The outer rim of this model defines the nine services we provide to increase your leads, sales, and bottom line. You many need one, three, or all nine of these for your business.

That is why pricing is so variable.

If you want to see how this is all connected check more about our Blueprint for Online Excellence.

We are happy to walk you through this model and determine the scope, cost, and timeline of your project.

website pricing faqs.

This question is about as hard to answer as "how much does it cost to build a starter home". 

There is a wide range of what could be considered a basic or simple website (or house).

The better question is "What budget is needed to create a website that accomplishes X goal competing against Y competitors in the Z market". You have to give us the X, Y, Z info 🙂

It takes a lot of effort and skill write content, take photos, and design a website that compels people to take action. 

Like any other project in the world.. the cost of the website are controlled by these factors: time, cost, scope, and quality. 

Then of course you need to know who is building it for you. Is it your cousin Sarah? Basement coder Bob? Are you hiring a full service agency with a proven track record that has done this 500 times?

The good news is we can get you to the exact $ it will take. We'll even narrow down the scope & timeline for you!

If you'd like to get this process started contact us.

And on a final note... check out this quote from Red Adair.

"If You Think It’s Expensive To Hire A Professional To Do The Job, Wait Until You Hire An Amateur."

We bid our projects on a fixed rate for a fixed scope. For ad-hoc work our billable rate as of January 1st, 2020 is $125 per hour and we bill in 1/4 hour increments and invoice at the end of each month. In order to be eligible for ad hoc work you'll have to be on one of our WordPress care plans

All of Thrive's staff work remotely from their home-based offices.

  • Noah (CEO) - Seattle
  • Adam (Design/Dev) - United Kingdom
  • Holli (Photography) - West Seattle
  • Susan (Copywriting) - Orlando
  • Richard (Support) - San Diego
  • Carrie (Social Media) - Chicago
  • Simon & Matt (SEO) - Australia
  • Linda (PPC) - Australia

A business authority website takes Thrive 10-14 weeks including professional copywriting, photography, design, development, and rounds of feedback.

Some timeline factors include whether a project includes

The good news is we come up with a timeline for the project as well as scope and cost during our intake process.

We also give email status reports every Monday with exactly what we have done that week and what is up next.

Thrive strives to have the best process and communication of any Seattle web design agency.

A solid discovery process will minimize any changes to scope but priorities can shift during the middle of a project.

New functionality, design, and content not outlined in the agreement we initially come up with will usually require changes to the budget and timeline.

Don't worry, we'll agree on any changes to the budget & timeline before the additional work commences.

A website is like a house, car, or vacation.

They all have wide ranges on prices and they are dependent on the details of what it is.

We ask a lot of questions in a one-hour conversation to get down the price of your project

We will find out the rough price of your project early on in phase 1 of our process. Soon after that, you'll have the exact price to deliver on your project.

We host and maintain your website with our Care Plans and features can be added using our WordPress Support Services.

website before & after videos.

5 steps to a winning website project.

Successful website projects require tight cooperation between a company and its design partner. In this guide, we've put together 5 crucial steps to a winning website project.

Learn the basics for a successful project. What you don't know that you don't know could ruin an otherwise successful venture.

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