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What your website says is just as important as how it looks

A flashy looking website with crappy content is like a Ferrari without gas: it might look good but it isn't getting you anywhere.

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The right design might get your audience's attention, but without quality content you won't be keeping it.

Professional copywriting is what separates nice looking websites from very effective ones. Like most professional services, copywriting is a skill that takes time and experience to develop. Odds are, the copy a professional can come up with is going to be many times more effective than anything a general business owner will be able to come up with. Not because the business owner doesn't know what they're doing, but because the copywriter knows how to make stuff compelling.

A good copywriter's main job is to scoop out all the gooey goodness in your brain (it won't hurt, promise) and turn it into compelling words that inspire your visitors to take action.

Learn the fundamentals

Get the basics clear first

Before jumping into content writing, there's a few fundamentals that need to be made clear. The main reason our copywriters deliver such excellent work is their commitment to getting the fundamentals clear before putting any pen to paper.

Your company

Many business owners know what their company does, why they founded their company, and why they are passionate about their work. However, a surprising number of them can’t communicate that in a way that works for visitors.

Our first step is turning the core of who your company is into clear, concise, and compelling copy.

Your offer

Then we need to figure out what sets you apart from your competitors. What is it that you do different or better than everyone else? How do you help people?

We need to know why your customers should choose to do business with your business above everyone else.

Your audience

Understanding of your target audience is crucial. To make words matter, we need to know who it needs to matter to. 

The right message is going to be different based on who it's for. Words that perform amazingly for entry level personal trainers might perform terribly for soon to be retiring accountants.

Thats why identifying your audience is one of the most important fundamentals of all!
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copywriting services

Website copy

The site design might give an impression, and get people to pay attention, but your website content is what they are paying attention to. At Thrive we craft compelling content that gets visitors to take action.

Blog posts

One key to a powerful SEO strategy is an informative and entertaining blog. But writing the blog posts? And then optimizing them for SEO?? Ugh. Our writers will keep your blog up to date with good quality content so you don't have to.

Lead magnets

A great way to grow your email list is by offering visitors free, downloadable content in exchange for their email address. Our writers can craft professional ebooks and guides to fuel your email marketing list growth.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to nurture an audience, keeping your business front of mind and making them more likely to buy from you. We can plan your email marketing campaigns, and make sure you've got the right copy to make magic happen.

Print materials

Brochures, flyers, posters, annual reports, or any number of physical marketing materials - print media is still a huge factor for many businesses. We'll make sure your print content is on brand and appropriate for the medium.

Social media

Regularly posting engaging, relevant, and entertaining content is a key factor in social media marketing. Our writers can help plan out your social media schedule, and craft the content that gets you clicks and engagement.
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Don't leave success to chance

You want your business to be successful, right? Well, unless you're a professional copywriter, doing your own copywriting is probably not going to help make that happen.

Our copywriters not only spice up your web pages to bring your products and services to life; they can help round out your blog with killer posts, liven up your social media feeds with engaging content, and produce lead generation materials that actually work.

Don't let your website and business down with poor copywriting, let Thrive help instead.

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Thrive is a Seattle web design company focused on helping you grow. If you believe in what you do, have a proven offer, and would like to increase your online presence and authority, let’s chat.
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