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Expertise is the only differentiator that really matters
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The team

Your digital superstars

At Thrive we believe in quality over quantity. We've focused on assembling a crack team of digital professionals to make sure we deliver amazing results for every client. With the remote nature of our role, we've been able to go beyond Seattle to find the right people no matter where they're located.


The Big Cheese

Our founder, Noah, focuses on client happiness and team cohesion. He's deeply passionate about the tools, systems, and processes required to make amazing things happen.


Website Lead

Our second in charge, Nick is an expert at making sure we're going the right way about achieving your business goals. Nick is the main reason why we put Strategy first at Thrive. Nick is all about keeping things practical and delivering massive value to our clients.


Branding Lead

Our resident brand expert, Corey has worked with nationally recognized brands on their brand strategy, brand development and implementation, through to web design and development, delivering some truly amazing results!


Marketing Lead

Our SEO wizard, Robert, specializes in elevating brands through masterful SEO strategies, ensuring top search rankings and enhancing online visibility. His expertise in optimizing content and websites has driven remarkable growth in organic traffic for our clients, making him a pivotal part of our team's success.



Susan, our content expert, shines in engaging clients with her friendly demeanor during interviews, skillfully weaving their narratives into compelling copy that captivates audiences and drives tangible outcomes, firmly establishing her as a cornerstone of our team's success.



Photos can make or break a website, and Holli is an absolute PRO and delivering high end images for our clients. Holli is engaging and dynamic, able to get even the most nervous subject to relax and look great on camera.


Lead Developer

For our more complex development tasks, Richard is our go-to team member, ensuring seamless functionality and advanced solutions for our clients.

John Ray

SEO Specialist

John Ray excels in optimizing websites to improve search engine rankings, ensuring our clients stand out in competitive markets.


SEO Specialist

Sarah works alongside John Ray, bringing her expertise in keyword research and on-page optimization to enhance our clients' online visibility.


WordPress Support

Alex ensures our clients' WordPress sites run smoothly, providing essential support and troubleshooting when needed.


WordPress Care Plan Manager

Nicolas oversees our WordPress care plans, maintaining the health and security of our clients' websites.


Quality Control Specialist

Divina ensures every project meets our high standards of quality before delivery, providing thorough testing and feedback.

Why it works

Our Keys To Success



Direct, timely, and jargon-free communication is the foundation of Thrive. We value having a close relationship with our clients that allows for free-flowing communication.


While we know we can help most people, we focus only on projects we  care about and know we can really knock out of the park. If we don't think we're the best fit for your project, we'll introduce you to someone we think could be.


We've developed a process over the years that ensures each project is completed effectively to achieve its goals. You will always know where we are in the project and what our next steps are.


Each team member is super experienced in what they do. They focus on what they're best at, which lets us knock it out of the park every time. There's no substitute for expert-level knowledge and skill.

Who we work with best

One of the reasons we're able to deliver such excellent results is that we make sure there's a good fit... on both sides. We work with businesses we know we can have a massive impact on (and we think we'd enjoy working with), while avoiding projects that we know we won't do much more than the average agency (or that wouldn't be a fun project for the team).

We are a good fit if you:

Provide a marketable service or product.
Are open, coachable, and curious.
Will follow our process. We swear it works!
Know what success looks like for your project.
Are a clear and timely communicator. Don't 👻 us. 
See this project as a key part of your business.

we won't be a match if you:

Have 🥂 goals and a 🍺 budget.
Need an extra set of hands. Hire us for expertise.
Don't involve key stakeholders in project talks.
Hide behind an RFP. We require robust dialog. 
Need to use Squarespace, Wix, or similar.
👻us. For real. So rude.

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Thrive is a Seattle web design company focused on helping you grow. If you believe in what you do, have a proven offer, and would like to increase your online presence and authority, let’s chat.
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