Blueprint for Online Excellence.

A comprehensive system for increasing your bottom line.

One model for your online success.

blueprint for online excellence

Is your website positioning your company and offer powerfully?

Have your competitors upped their game online and you feel money is being left on the table?

If you want to position your company as a major player in your space (online) we've created a reliable formula to get you there.

We call it The Blueprint.

These 3 steps must always be executed in this order for a maximum return on your investment.

  1. Identity
  2. Platform
  3. Marketing

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Step 1: Create your identity


1. Branding

A brand encompasses more than just a logo. Your brand includes the colors you choose, the fonts you use, how you talk about your company, a company tagline, and more. Learn more about how we can create a powerful brand that speaks directly to your ideal customer.

2. Storytelling

When visitors land on your website or your social media channels, the words they see must capture their attention and not let it go. To do this we need to have 100% clarity on who your perfect customer is, what problems they have, and how your offer will rescue them. Our copywriting services accomplish just that.

3. Photography

Humans hire humans. If you are relying solely on stock photography your audience will have a hard time connecting with you. The images you use to explain and market your offer need to be authentic... and uniquely you. If your business model and budget allows, video can be even more powerful. Take a look at our work on to really hit this idea home.

Step 2: Get online


4. Website

Showcase your offer online using professionally created words, photography, and design. Your website must be easy to use, clean, quick loading, Google friendly, and mobile compatible. Most of all, it has to position your company as the right choice. Website design is not a easy skill. It takes talent and experience to clearly show how your company's offer solves the problems of your ideal client. It must compel website visitors to take action to be a success.

5. Online Reviews

46% of all searches online have local intent.  Consumers rely on online profiles of local businesses that include ratings and reviews. 67% of consumers are significantly influenced by online reviews when making a decision about what local company to choose. These stats cannot be ignored. We help ensure that your profiles are up-to-date and that you have a solid strategy to get more reviews. We offer this as a stand-alone add on to our care plan service or as part of a larger SEO package.

6. Irresistible Offers

Downloadable PDF's or other free offers are the key to building email marketing lists. Give your visitors a piece of content they cannot refuse and collect their email address in return. This content will show your expertise on a topic and allow the ability to nurture and educate the audience via future email campaigns. Thrive designs and writes these offers as part of our copywriting services.

Step 3: Marketing

digital marketing

7. Digital Advertising

Being found naturally on Google (SEO) is a great, long-term strategy for bringing more traffic to your website. But what if you need short-term leads or the ability to turn leads on and off at any time? Our digital advertising experts can manage a perfect pay-per-click campaign to get the traffic & leads you need now.

8.SEO (Google Ranking)

If you are playing the long game with marketing nothing beats getting ranked in the top 3 on Google for a highly used keyword with buyer intent. Our SEO experts can not only more traffic, but higher quality traffic as well. For some companies, this could be the only marketing you'll need. Google "web design Seattle" (an incredibly hard keyword to rank for) and you'll see why it's the #1 source of leads for Thrive 🙂 

9. Ongoing Content

aka your blog, newsletters, social posts, marketing/sales collateral. Your web presence goes beyond your website. For some businesses active social media channels and an email marketing program to continue to keep your customers engaged and your business top of mind. By creating unique content that converts we can help you not only establish these channels but increase your # of leads & raving fans.

Which items on the Blueprint does your company need?

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Our steps to executing the blueprint.

1) Discovery: let's talk about it

We have a mantra at Thrive: Prescription without diagnosis is Malpractice.

Our first order of business is to get clarity on your organization's offering, target audience, and goals for this project. If we don't know where we need to go we will never get there.

For your project to be successful need to work with someone who understands business and the big picture. Someone who understands the interconnection between messaging, branding, websites, and marketing. Basement Bob isn't going to get you there.

When you talk with Thrive, we get deep into your business and its needs. Going deep let's us craft the perfect solution for your business.

Skipping this step is an avoidable tragedy!

2) Strategy: formulate a plan

Our initial conversations set the stage for creating your personalized online strategy. If you get deep into conversation with Thrive you will have a shift in the goals and/or scope of the project. Conversations clarify.

Once those are finalized on your end, we take everything we know about your business and the goals for this project and write it into our Prescription for your business. It could include just a website redesign or it could be more comprehensive and include new branding and marketing.

No matter what, our final agreement will include the cost, scope, and timeline for the project.

3) Execution: run through the blueprint

Not all companies need the 9 items on the blueprint model. Some companies don't need marketing as they have a great # of prospects through word of mouth. Others have great branding & photography.

However, we execute the blueprint items that are selected by a customer in the exact order outlined above.

Thrive is heavy on process because it works.

View the 7 steps we will take you through to create your logo, design your website, and write the words the work in this video. This corresponds to the Branding, Storytelling, and Website components on the model above.

4) Ongoing partnership: we are there for you

The items you select from the diagram above set the tone for our ongoing relationship.

If we are providing marketing for you we meet once a month for a deep dive into what is (and isn't) working.

If we develop a website once you'll be on our website care plan that allows us to maintain the software and proactively look after your website. This also lets you use our team for ad-hoc website, copywriting, and graphic tasks.


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