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Duke's Plumbing rebrand

Transforming Duke's Plumbing with a quirky and memorable brand identity.
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The Problem

Duke's Plumbing, a solo plumbing enterprise operated by Kyle Duke in Poulsbo, Washington, services the entire Kitsap County. As Kyle plans to expand his team and offerings, a professional and cohesive brand identity was the first step. Previously, Duke's Plumbing logo & brand lacked the professional polish and strategic alignment needed to represent the company's expertise and trustworthiness accurately.

Kyle recognized the need to pause all marketing efforts temporarily to focus on a comprehensive brand rejuvenation.

The goal was not just an aesthetic update but a strategic realignment of Duke's Plumbing’s visual and communicative identity to better reflect its expertise, legitimacy, and reliability.

The Prescription

Strategy and Implementation:
The primary objectives of the project were to:

  • Develop a professional and cohesive brand identity for Duke's Plumbing.
  • Create a logo and brand elements that reflect the company’s ethos and service excellence.
  • Establish a style guide to ensure brand consistency across all platforms and materials.
  • Create mockup examples of marketing materials to provide a tangible glimpse into the brand's future presence.

Elevating Duke's Plumbing's Brand:
The core objective of this brand evolution was to position Duke's Plumbing as a leader in the plumbing sector in Kitsap County. The brand evolution was designed to reflect the company’s dedication to excellence, trust, and customer satisfaction, creating a professional image to increase conversions and attract ideal customers.

THe project scope

The project scope for Duke's Plumbing involved a series of strategic tasks and deliverables aimed at creating a professional and cohesive brand identity.

The project was executed in the following stages:

Brand Workshop:
The project began with an in-depth brand workshop to understand Kyle’s vision for Duke's Plumbing. This workshop provided insights into the brand’s core values, target audience, and market positioning, forming the foundation for the brand's new identity.

Logo Creation:
We explored various concepts, including expanding on the existing "man with wrench" idea. The final logo design was selected for its simplicity, strength, and ability to be extended into a full brand identity. The logo encapsulates Duke's Plumbing’s spirit and service excellence, ensuring it resonates with the ideal customer.

Brand Guide Development:
A detailed brand guide was created to provide clear directions on how the brand should be represented visually and in terms of tone of voice. This guide included logo usage, color palette, typography, and extended marketing materials such as patterns, illustrations, and potential characters.

Mockup Examples of Marketing Materials:
To visualize the brand’s future presence, we created mockups of key marketing materials, including:

  • Uniform designs
  • Stickers/magnets for service vehicles
  • Billboards for outdoor advertising
  • An example advertisement
  • General stationery
  • These mockups served as guides for future marketing materials, ensuring consistent and professional brand representation.


  • Discovery and design brief.
  • Logo design concepts and finalization.
  • Extended marketing mockup examples.
  • Comprehensive brand guidelines.
  • Final file supply for print and digital use.
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The Results

The brand rejuvenation for Duke's Plumbing resulted in a professional and cohesive brand identity that significantly improved the company’s market presence.

Clients and stakeholders responded positively to the new brand identity, praising its professionalism and clear representation of the company’s values. Internally, the brand guide helped align the team with the brand’s vision, fostering a stronger brand culture.

The comprehensive brand overhaul successfully transformed Duke's Plumbing’s identity, positioning it as a trusted and professional leader in the plumbing industry. The strategic brand development not only improved market presence but also laid a solid foundation for future growth and expansion. This project highlights the importance of a well-crafted brand in driving business success and customer engagement.

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