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Reinventing pest control: Eradipest's digital transformation for enhanced customer engagement and eco-friendly awareness
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The Problem

Eradipest, a long-established family-owned pest control company, has been serving communities in Washington and Oregon for over three decades. Specializing in a comprehensive range of services from residential pest control to crawl space restoration, Eradipest prides itself on its professional service and commitment to eco-friendly solutions. However, despite their extensive experience and robust service offerings, their digital presence did not effectively convey their expertise or their unique eco-conscious approach. The outdated website design, lack of effective SEO practices, and underutilized digital marketing strategies limited their visibility and engagement with potential customers, particularly in the profitable Clatsop County area. This gap hindered their ability to attract new clients and educate them on the importance of sustainable pest control practices.

The Prescription

To address these challenges, the project aimed to overhaul Eradipest's digital footprint comprehensively. The key objectives were to enhance the website's user experience, improve SEO, and highlight Eradipest's commitment to safety and the environment. The strategy included:

Website Redesign: Implementing a responsive design to ensure a seamless experience across all devices, integrating Eradipest's existing branding while updating imagery and typography to reflect their high-quality service.

Content Strategy: Developing SEO-optimized content that educates users on Eradipest's eco-friendly methods, emphasizing their three decades of experience and commitment to customer safety to build trust.

Functional Enhancements: Adding key features such as a contact form for quick customer interactions, Google Maps for easy location visibility, and an Instagram feed to showcase real-time customer engagements and updates.

Technical SEO: Setting up Google Analytics and Search Console to monitor website performance and user engagement, ensuring all new content is optimized for search engines with proper tags and descriptions.

Customer Interaction Tools: Including a user-friendly CMS to allow Eradipest staff to update content effortlessly, a compliant cookie notice pop-up feature, and streamlined bill payment options through PayPal integration.

THe project scope

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The Results

The revitalization of Eradipest’s website brought immediate and tangible improvements. The new site not only reflected Eradipest’s professional image and eco-friendly philosophy but also enhanced user engagement significantly. Metrics such as decreased bounce rates, increased session durations, and higher interaction rates through the contact form indicated a successful redesign. Feedback from existing clients was immediate and noteworthy. The technical enhancements and SEO improvements resulted in increased visibility in search rankings, particularly in Clatsop County, aligning with Eradipest’s strategic business goals. This digital transformation has positioned Eradipest not only to expand their client base but also to phase out less effective advertising methods, optimizing their overall marketing budget.

This overhaul has set a new benchmark for Eradipest, projecting them as a top-tier provider in their industry, and paving the way for future growth and expansion, potentially increasing their staff as business demands rise.

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