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Revamped investigative firm's web platform, highlighting expert services and enhancing client engagement.
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The Problem

Command Investigations, a seasoned player in the investigative services industry, has been providing specialized services to insurance agencies, attorneys, and employers for a decade. With a robust team spread across 33 states, Command has carved a niche in insurance-related investigations. Despite their vast experience and national footprint, their digital presence, epitomized by an outdated website, lagged behind their industry stature and operational scale.

Command's digital woes were multifaceted. Their existing website suffered from a clunky user interface, inconsistent messaging, and a labyrinth of pages that diluted the user's focus. The site's management was a technical challenge for the non-IT staff, leading to outdated content and a lackluster user experience. Recognizing these hurdles, Command aimed for a comprehensive digital overhaul to solidify its position as a top-tier investigative services provider.

The Prescription

The primary goal was to rejuvenate Command's digital facade, making it a true reflection of their market leadership.

Key objectives included:

• Enhancing the user experience with a streamlined, intuitive website navigation.
• Unifying the brand messaging to reflect professionalism and industry expertise.
• Empowering the Command team with a user-friendly content management system.
• Implementing SEO best practices to improve online visibility and user engagement.

Our Process

1. Strategy Workshop
The project kicked off with an in-depth Strategy Workshop, aligning the core team with Command's business ethos, service portfolio, and target audience. This collaborative effort laid the groundwork for a website architecture designed to meet strategic business goals and user expectations.

2. Design
Leveraging insights from the workshop, a custom website design was conceptualized to showcase Command's offerings in a coherent and engaging manner. The design focused on facilitating user journeys, from initial engagement to service inquiries, ensuring a seamless experience across all digital touchpoints.

3. Copywriting
Professional copywriting services were employed to articulate Command's value proposition, service benefits, and industry authority. The narrative was crafted to resonate with the target audience, establishing Command as a trusted leader in investigative services.

The implementation phase saw the transformation of strategic blueprints into a dynamic, fully-functional website. Highlights of this phase included:

THe project scope

The Results

The launch of the new website marked a significant turning point for Command Investigations. Not only did it encapsulate their professional ethos and service excellence, but it also addressed the practical needs of their diverse user base. Key outcomes included:

• A notable improvement in user engagement metrics, evidenced by lower bounce rates and increased session durations.
• Positive feedback from clients and users, who appreciated the enhanced navigability and enriched content.
• Empowerment of the Command team, who could now effortlessly update content, reflecting the dynamism of their operations.

The revitalized Command Investigations website stands as a testament to the power of strategic digital transformation. By aligning design, content, and functionality with the company's core values and user expectations, the project not only elevated Command's online presence but also reinforced its position as an industry leader.
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