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Strategy Workshop

Take a deep dive into your business with a digital strategist, and figure out what you really need.
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Your ideas + our expertise

Team work makes the dream work

our strategy workshop will give you a plan for the proper solution needed to meet your project's goals.

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One thing we've found over the years: the more information we can extract from our clients, the better the results we can deliver.

Problem: many business owners aren't really used to communicating the kinds of information we're looking for. 

Don't get us wrong, they know their business. They know what they do, and they know it well. But turning that into clear and concise information? That's where sometimes words can fail.

Our strategy workshop gives you access to our years of experience and expertise in business and marketing, to help dig deeper into what your business actually is, and it's needs, goals, and expectations for your upcoming website project. We work together to unpack your business experience and turn that into actionable insights and, ultimately, a strategy document for your upcoming website.

This document will save you money in the long run AND lead to better results because you'll be solving the right problem, the right way, from the start.

How it works


Our strategy workshops include one or more consultations with a digital strategist, who will interrogate interview you to turn your knowledge and experience into actionable insights.


After the workshop, we will have enough information to make a recommendation on how to proceed. If that recommendation makes sense, we'll then make it "formal" by producing a written proposal that includes our recommendations, an estimated timeline to complete it, and the investment required to have Thrive complete the project.


Once you have received your proposal and had time to review it, we will schedule one last video call with you and your team. This will allow 30 minutes to ask us any and all questions you have about our recommendations for your site.

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Why bother?

What's the point of a strategy workshop?

Solve the right problem

If you start building a website to solve a problem you are experiencing, we guarantee you that you’ll find yourself in the middle of another website build before you know it. If you start building a website to solve a problem your customers are experiencing, your website will only need minor content and image tweaks for a long time to come.

Understand your own business

Our deep-dive strategy session turns the traditional website design process on its head. We work hand-in-hand with you to figure out WHY you’re not seeing the results you want in a way that goes deeper than tech terms and web jargon. Once we discover and understand the why, we’re truly able to design and propose a website that will get you the results you truly deserve.

Get an effective website

The most successful websites start with a solid strategy document and statement of work. This is a document that goes wider than what fonts and colors you want to use and deeper than starting with the solution and working backward. Our process ensures your website performance reaches new heights.

Save time and money

When you start any web design process, you need to be able to clearly communicate to your designer and developer what it is you want and why you want it. Spending a few hours with our experts will give you the confidence, knowledge, and solid statement of work so your project gets off on the right foot. As Red Adair famously said "if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."
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Don't leave success to chance

A "good" website isn't about a site that looks nice. It isn't about a site that gets lovely comments from a handful of clients. It isn't even about a site you're proud of.

All of those things are good, and should happen - but a "good" website isn't about that. No, a "good" website is about a site that gets results.

And the biggest part of getting results: understanding. Understanding your goals. Understanding your business. Understanding your audience. Understanding how your audience looks at your business. Understanding how it all ties together.

With that understanding, we're able to make better recommendations and ultimately deliver better results.

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Thrive is a Seattle web design company focused on helping you grow. If you believe in what you do, have a proven offer, and would like to increase your online presence and authority, let’s chat.
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