Website Design Process.

We work slightly different from most agencies. This unique process is our key to successful projects.


Project Setup

  • You will receive a project welcome packet and instructions for providing us digital assets.
  • Kickoff meeting to confirm your goals and the problems this project will solve.
  • We will review your existing text, images, and video content.
  • Together we will come up with titles and high-level structure of the pages we will create on the website (sitemap).
  • We will create initial concepts for your font/color scheme.


Design & Development

  • Create a new logo consistent with your branding.
  • Homepage creation based on your logo & font/color scheme.
  • Screenshare review of homepage & sign-off.
  • Subpage creation based on the sitemap.
  • Screenshare review of subpages & sign-off.
  • Website performance, mobile-friendliness, configuration, and security.
  • Final design sign-off by you.



  • After the final design sign-off, you will know exactly the text content that needs to be created. We expect this will take 1-3 weeks for you to write this content.
  • During this time you can also suggest images to swap out on the website.
  • After text content is written and images selected we will edit the website to include them (one time).
  • Any revisions to the text/images after this can be carried out, by you, inside WordPress after the site is launched.

Phase 3 beginning example


Website Launch

  • On-Page search engine optimization.
  • Pre-launch checklist and adjustments
  • Website is set live and your care plan and warranty goes into effect.
  • Training on how to edit the content of the website yourself. It's so easy and no coding!
  • After 30 days we meet and assess how the website is working for you.
  • We continue to work together hopefully for many years and grow with you 🙂

What Happens Next?

After we've created an amazing brand and a website that converts there is one thing left to do.

To get you eyeballs on your website i.e., Digital Marketing.

Our content and search engine optimization experts can guide you on how to dominate your industry.

We can discuss this as part of our intake process.

If you'd like start this discussion please reach out via our contact form or call us at (206) 451-7326.