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Berg Benefits

Reinventing the digital presence of a PNW based insurance brokerage.
"Our number one goal was to properly position Berg Benefits as a legitimate and trustworthy solution for our ideal clients, and Thrive Design made that a reality. They managed to create a website that not only showcases our core offerings but also tells our unique story."

- Joe Berg, Owner of Berg Benefits
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The Problem

Berg Benefits, a reputable insurance broker serving the Pacific Northwest since 1997, recently experienced a significant change in ownership. With Joe Berg becoming the sole owner in 2020 and leading a rebranding initiative, it became apparent that their website needed an upgrade to reflect these changes and establish Berg Benefits as a legitimate and trustworthy solution for their ideal client.

The Prescription

Berg Benefits, amidst its rebranding initiative, recognized the need for a more sophisticated and representative digital platform. Recognizing the expertise of Thrive Design, they entrusted them with the critical task of refreshing their website to align with the company's new brand identity and to resonate more effectively with their ideal customers. The mission was clearly defined but multifaceted, demanding a well-rounded approach for successful execution.

The project began with understanding the needs of Berg Benefits's ideal customers, reflecting them effectively on the website, and emphasizing the key attributes of the company through their brand and online presence. A significant part of the project was to powerfully showcase Berg Benefits's core offerings and narrate their unique story, thus cementing their position in the market. Further, the team aimed to visually represent the company's process and strengths, facilitating more fruitful conversations with prospective partners and clients.

Simultaneously, the task was to create a robust platform that could be leveraged for future marketing endeavors. Achieving these ambitious targets required comprehensive planning, keen attention to detail, and consistent communication with Joe and the rest of the Berg Benefits team. The collaborative approach, coupled with Thrive Design's expertise, set the stage for a successful website redesign project.

THe project scope

The Results

The website redesign project successfully transformed Berg Benefits's digital presence. The new website now clearly highlights the company's core offerings and unique story, painting a vivid picture of its strengths and process. This visual representation not only serves as a robust marketing tool but also as a conversation facilitator with potential partners and clients.

The website has been instrumental in positioning Berg Benefits as a trustworthy solution for their ideal clients, emphasizing their key attributes and solidifying their brand presence. This has not only helped build trust with existing clients but also attracted prospective clients.

The new website also serves as a platform for future marketing endeavors, ensuring Berg Benefits is well-equipped to handle any marketing needs that may arise in the future.
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