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Why We Host Our Clients' Websites

There are many, many hosting options for your website and Thrive is one more. Hosting companies run the gamut in cost, service levels, and customer service. It’s hard to know which to choose, and which features or services benefit you the most. When you know what we offer in comparison to all the others, though, we're confident you’ll agree we offer a superior service.

Why you should choose Thrive.

We, of course, believe that our hosting package is stellar. Here's why:

One point of contact.

We already help you with your website, SEO, and/or online brand management needs. Why not include hosting, too, for far less hassle? You won’t have to look up a new number or search in vain on an unfamiliar website to get to the support form. In cases of an emergency, like your site is down, you won’t have to bring anyone new up-to-speed on the inner workings of your website because we know your account and your site. Our team is also based in Seattle, Washington; you won’t be bounced to a call center in another country where a language barrier could hinder a quick resolution to the issue at hand.

Hosting service managed by professionals.

Our hosting service is run by a group of folks who do nothing but oversee hosting servers. This is their actual job. The support staff of even the largest web hosting companies are very low-level support whose job is to act as gate-keepers, simply taking down information as needed - sometimes through many phone calls and emails - keeping the professionals as far away from clients as possible. It takes a lot of time and effort to get to the people who actually monitor and resolve web hosting issues. Our hosting service doesn’t operate in this matter. We work with the folks directly responsible for keeping your site live on the web.

Daily backups kept for 90 days for free.

Most hosting companies offer very minimal backups included in their hosting package, if any at all. Some are daily, but are overwritten each day so there’s only a single copy of your site. If an issue exists on your site for more than 24-hours, you’re out of luck hoping to restore the site to a clean version. Some companies backup just once a month. So, if you’ve made any changes at all in 30 days, restoring to a backup will lose everything you entered. Still others (many others) require you to do your own backups - it’s not even a paid add-on. Our hosting service backs up your site every - single - day. And, we keep backups for 90 days.

24/7 monitoring & automatic resolution system.

Your site is monitored for hosting issues 24 hours a day. No breaks for the weekend, or holidays. Any alert solicits an immediate response - the 24/7 professional support staff tirelessly works to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Their monitoring system is so sophisticated and fast that many issues are resolved before anyone outside the hosting team is aware of them.

Quicker resolution times.

Because of the 24/7 monitoring system and dedicated team of professionals, we can boast of 15-minute response time, when using our Support Form and selecting the option of "Website Down" from the drop-down menu. A quicker response, by the people responsible for maintaining your site hosting, is a service virtually unmatched anywhere else.

Our hosting is built for WordPress.

Our server is built to solely host WordPress sites, nothing else. Our team has to be experts not only in hosting issues but also with WordPress. It’s optimized to be the fastest and most secure hosting option available to WordPress users.

It’s not shared.

You’re not sharing hosting space with hundreds of sites - any of which could be infected to the point where it brings down the entire server. We have our own server, for our own clients, and that’s it! Combined with our monitoring system, professional support team, and security monitoring, we can offer one of the most secure servers around.

Hacker-free security.

Hacker-free security is brought to you by a hard-working team. Since it’s hosting dedicated to WordPress sites, our team is up-to-speed on vulnerabilities as they develop and they work quickly to eliminate them from being a threat. And, as an added bonus to our clients who both host with us and are on a Care Plan, if any malware is discovered on your site it is immediately removed at no charge.

It's as simple as that.

There you have it, our most compelling reasons for hosting with us. There are a bunch more, but we don’t want to bore you with our geek-speak. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Contact us today, to host your site with us. (And, if you want the geeky information, we’d be thrilled to share!)

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