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5 Reasons You Need a Professional Copywriter: Step 2 of 9 for Dominating Online

When visitors land on your website or your social media channels, your words need to capture their attention and not let it go. Copywriting and storytelling are the keys to engaging your audience in meaningful ways that can convert visitors into lifelong customers.

Your story is unique to your business. It’s a big thing that separates you from your competitors, and it’s a great way to relate to your customers. Copywriting and storytelling are how you can compellingly tell your story and weave that story into every aspect of your marketing. To have the impact you want, your content needs to sing.

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What is Copywriting?

You see copywriting everywhere. It’s on all the advertising you see. It’s in all of the emails your receive from your favorite experts, companies, and brands. It’s in your favorite how-to guides, blog posts, and podcasts.

Whether you realize it or not, your business already engages in copywriting. All of the text on your website? Copywriting. Your social media channels? Copywriting. The scripts you give your salespeople? Copywriting. Emails you send, fliers you make, advertising you buy? Copywriting.

Sometimes, quality copywriting is what differentiates you from your competition. Poor copywriting can leave potential customers confused about how your product or service can help them with the problem they are trying to solve. It can leave potential customers feeling disengaged or not connected with your business. It can even make them think they are not your target audience.

Good copywriting, on the other hand, will make your brand stand out among the competition. Good copywriting welcomes your target audience through the language and tone used, as well the specific words chosen. Consistently used, good copywriting can give your brand a unique voice in your industry.

By having a recognizable brand voice, you give your customers something to identify with and remember you by. Customers that know your brand, understand your product, and remember your voice are much more likely to become repeat customers and recommend you to others.

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5 Reasons you Need Professional Copywriting

Content marketing has become the go-to strategy for businesses looking to dominate online. Well-written copy that is appropriately targeted to your audience will show them the power of your product or service in solving their problems. It can convince them of the superiority of your product or service to that of your competitors.

Investment in a content marketing strategy based on good copywriting can have many benefits for your business.

1. Good copy boosts your SEO.

72% of online marketers say that content creation is their number one SEO tactic. Google agrees. It penalizes websites with poor content by ranking them lower than sites with higher quality content. Google knows this through monitoring the bounce rate, page depth, and time spent on the site

Professional copywriters know how to target the keywords you’ve identified as bringing in the most traffic. They can weave those into your copy naturally, a strategy loved by both users and search engines alike. They know how to write powerful calls to action and how to place links that encourage users to click through.

Bottom line, they know how to create webpages and blog posts that rank well.

2. Good copy improves user experience.

Have you ever spent time on a page that was hard to read? Whether it’s confusing, uses language that doesn’t resonate with you, or is just poorly written, if you’ve come across a webpage like this, you probably didn’t spend much time on it.

A well-written website, landing page, or email is a much more enjoyable experience for your audience. They may even find some pleasure in reading through your content when it’s well written. It will keep them more engaged and more motivated to do business with you.

3. Good copy can generate sales.

The bottom line is that good copy can increase your bottom line. Powerful calls-to-action and copy explaining the benefits and advantages of your product or service can motivate potential customers to take that next step to become paying customers. Unless properly motivated, it’s easy for visitors to leave your website thinking they should make a purchase but not taking that all-important final step: making a purchase.

4. Good copy is persuasive.

Are you in a crowded industry or one where your product or service is complicated? Are you selling something new or unique that people are unfamiliar with? If so, you need copy that powerfully sells your customer on the benefit of using YOUR product or service and why your potential customers need it.

Good copy can persuade potential customers that are on the fence about the benefits of working with you and purchasing your product or service.

5. Good copy makes digital marketing stand out.

We are inundated with words every day. From our scrolling through social media to overwhelmed inboxes, to advertisements in between it all, we see more than our fair share of things to read throughout the day. When you want to stand out from the crowd and actually be remembered, it’s time to invest in good copywriting.

Good copy evokes emotion. It is not just about constructing sentences in English and posting them. It taps into your audiences’ feelings and emotions and leaves them with the knowledge that you, your product, or your service can help make their lives better and easier. By going beyond the intellectual and tapping into the emotional, your message automatically becomes more memorable.

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What Good Copywriters Can Do

People visiting your website are looking for you to be the expert they need. They’re looking for help solving a problem from someone who is knowledgeable and has experience with their particular problem.

They are not looking for someone who may know everything about, say, painting but can’t be bothered to proofread their website. There’s something about typos, misspellings, and hard to read sentences that turn people off. It takes away from your authority, even if you are the best painter in town.

Good copywriters can help ensure that your website is error-free, easy to read, and engaging.

Even if you have impeccable grammar and a firm understanding of how to write to engage people, that’s not why you got into the painting business, to continue with this analogy. You got in it because you love to paint houses.

However, the internet is not going anywhere and the fact remains that you need to produce new content regularly to maintain and improve your search engine standings. Businesses that blogged daily earn 82% more customers than those that don’t.

Blogging daily isn’t sustainable or feasible for most businesses as the quality of content is as important as the frequency. But this stat goes to show that creating new content is important for earning new customers.

Good copywriters can help populate your website with fresh content regularly. The best copywriters can do it in a way that your customers never know it’s not you writing the content.

Final Word

Whether you hire a copywriter or tackle the job yourself, it’s important to understand how vital good content is to your business. As you move on to the next steps of our Blueprint for Online Excellence, it’s all balancing on the foundation built by your website’s content.

You want as sturdy a foundation as possible. You want a foundation that shows your target audience you are a business they can trust. Any digital marketing strategy you implement needs to be based on effective content. Effective content is dependant on effective copywriting.

Effective copywriting? Well, for that it's not a bad idea to invest in a professional copywriter.

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