Is your website stale? Let's spruce it up (and get your more customers!).

You have a website but the content hasn’t changed in several months… maybe even years. Google stops to care as much about your website when this happens so let’s change it! First of all, ask yourself why someone would come to your website and what end result you’d like from their visit. For most of my clients, they offer a service and web users are coming to the website to find your service. Their goal is to turn web users into paying customers.

Get rid of staleness by adding content to your website that draws in the user to have them contact you. Most people need to be sold… and sold quickly. Give them something for free (like this article). If you are a plumber give them an article such as “5 things to do before calling a plumber about a leaky faucet”. If you are a housecleaner give them an article “How to prepare for a housecleaning”. This shows you as a thought leader in your industry and that you are putting forth good energy and will by helping them out. Make sure it’s a blog post with its own page so that google can send searchers to it when they type in the relevant search terms. Also, the blog post’s titles should be seen from your homepage and if you can add a picture all the better.

Beyond blog posts that give a user tips and free advice be sure to have your contact information prominently displayed in your header. If you offer a free consultation have a Call to Action button for this above the fold on your homepage (or better yet in the header). For my business getting clients on the phone is of the utmost importance.

In summary

  1. Add new content so that google treats your website with more authority and sends more relevant traffic your way.
  2. Add blog posts that offer free advice to show you as a thought leader in your industry and that you are here to educate people a service.
  3. Prominently display your contact information and (if offered) free consultation
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