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What makes a website good?

Your website should be a key part of your business and marketing plan. A website houses your online identity and can be used to promote their goods, services, and brand to prospects, partners, and existing clients. A company's reputation and the likelihood that customers would take action is influenced by a website's quality regardless of their industry.

Unfortunately not all business owners see things this way and it's often a case of "what you don't know you don't know can hurt you".

Why is your website important?

Your website is often the first impression a potential customer has of your business and it only takes them 5-8 seconds to form that impression as well. Having a professional website that is simple can help develop trust and credibility with potential clients, while a poorly designed one can turn them away.

Think about how you feel when researching a topic or looking to hire a company. When you visit their website don't you almost immediately know if you are in the right place? Doesn't your gut tell you if they are the type of business that can handle your needs?

The basics

One of the key parts that determine a website's success is how it looks. A good website should have a simple, clear design that is pleasing to the eye and facilitates users' ability to locate the information they require. A color scheme and fonts that support the brand's identity should be used in the design, which should be consistent throughout the entire website.

The company's offerings should be summarized on the homepage, and visitors should have access to additional in-depth information about particular goods or services via the menu.

We believe you should be able to tell what a company does within 5 seconds.

Finally, a website ought to be mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial because more and more people are utilizing smartphones and tablets.

Think about the user's experience

A key element in deciding how people feel about a website is the user experience (UX). Good websites should be user-friendly, making it simple for visitors to find what they're searching for and take action. This includes having distinct calls to action (CTAs) that nudge site users to finish a particular task, like submitting a contact form or completing a purchase.

Website speed is another factor in user experience. Visitors anticipate that websites will load quickly, and if one does not, they may become impatient and leave. A website that loads quickly can enhance user experience and increase the chance that visitors will stay and interact with your content.

The user experience also includes a crucial element of website security. When using a website, users want to have peace of mind that their personal information is secure. An SSL certificate, which shows you have a securely connected website, can help you gain visitors' trust and increase the likelihood that they will interact with your material.

The importance of a call to action

The success of a website ultimately depends on whether users take action. It must compel users to take some sort of action, whether it be making a purchase, completing a form, or subscribing to a newsletter. Calls To Action should be placed thoughtfully throughout the website and be clear and succinct so that visitors can easily grasp what they need to do.

Using social proof to compel visitors to act is another effective strategy. Case studies, client testimonials, and customer evaluations are just a few examples of social proof. By offering social evidence, you can enhance visitors' trust in you and their propensity to act.

Know what does (and does not work)

To create a successful website, it's important to understand what content your visitors find engaging and what they don't. This is where analytics comes in. By using analytics tools to track metrics like how many people visit your site, how long they stay, and which pages they look at, you can see what's working and what's not.

For example, if a particular page has a lot of visitors leaving right away, it may mean that the content isn't interesting or useful to them. On the other hand, if a blog post gets a lot of views and shares, it may mean that people are interested in that topic and you should create more content like it.

By paying attention to your analytics data, you can make changes to your website that will keep people engaged and interested. This can lead to more customers and more success for your business.

However, it's important to remember that data shouldn't be the only thing you consider. You also need to think about what makes your brand unique and what your customers want. By balancing data with your brand identity and audience needs, you can create a website that truly represents your business and attracts the right customers.

The transformation of one company

One of our favorite clients, Peak Sports, went from zero leads to 20+ a month just through the proper redesign and improvement of their messaging. See their case study here.


A website is a crucial part of most successful business strategies. To be effective, it should have a clean, modern design that is easy to navigate, be optimized for mobile devices, and provide a seamless user experience. The website's layout and content should reflect the brand's identity while also being user-friendly, and clear calls to action should be strategically placed throughout the site.

Additionally, we believe it include social proof to build trust with visitors and encourage them to take action. Finally, tracking and analyzing website performance can provide valuable insights to continuously improve the website and increase its effectiveness.

If you are in the market for a professionally designed website, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.


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