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Peak Physical Therapy

Physical therapy clinics goes from Zero to 20+ leads per month with their new website & brand.
"After the new website we went from zero to 25 leads a month. I'm floored."

- Russell Kowalinski, Owner
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The Problem

Peak Sports and Spine Physical Therapy is a full-service clinic located in the Pacific Northwest that offers a wide range of physical therapy services. The clinic had been in operation for several years, but the website was outdated and didn't accurately represent the high level of care and expertise that the team provided.

Their messaging was confusing and inconsistent and their website was not generating any leads.

The Prescription

Peak turned to Thrive who conducted a thorough analysis of the existing website and identified several areas for improvement. The team recommended a complete redesign of the website, incorporating a modern design and user-friendly layout.

The new website was designed to be mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines to improve the clinic's online visibility. Thrive also conducted keyword research and created new content to ensure that the website would rank higher in search results.

This new website would be a key part of their client intake and set the tone for all interactions with the clinics.

Our Blueprint explores all the components to be successful online. We run a full analysis of your company's needs and only prescribe the items that make the most sense for you.

THe project scope

The Results

Since the website redesign and SEO optimization, Peak has seen a significant increase in leads. The clinic now receives at least 25 new leads per month, a significant improvement from the previous zero leads they were receiving!

The new design is easy to navigate and provides visitors with a better understanding of the services offered by the clinic. They are now positioned as a premier physical therapy solution the Puget Sound.

Additionally, the clinic has received positive feedback from patients who have praised the new website and found it easy to use. The new website has also helped the clinic to stand out from its competitors and have a brand that stand out in a crowded field.
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