Written by Noah Britton on 09/10/2017

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. Yet the fact is many companies create a website without first properly outlining what they are going to build.
They don’t fully answer the questions, why are we building this website.
The truth is nobody wants a website… they want something else (more customers, to raise their prices, add a new offering).
We need to know how people will make it to your website. I am shocked by how many companies build a website with zero idea of how they will promote or market it.
The fastest way to lose $5,000 (or any amount) is to hire a company that doesn’t ask the hard questions.
Before we start any project we run through a Discovery phase. 
And culminates in a formal proposal that includes
  • Scope
  • Time to deliver
  • Cost

So don’t waste $5,000 on a website (or more) that isn’t well thought out and has measurable criteria for success. 

To learn more about what makes a website successful, read our guide.


Noah Britton

Noah Britton is the founder of Thrive with 18 years of experience in the web industry and 10 years with WordPress.