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By Noah Britton on 31 July 2020

When you’re about to launch a new website, you can feel the buzz of anticipation, but how can you build excitement in your target audience? It’s all in a launch that creates excitement and arouses intrigue, followed by the big announcement, a lot of sharing, and compelling reasons to visit the website your web designer worked so hard on.

Excitement, intrigue, and a successful website launch.

Cue the shark music.

Do you remember the movie music that plays before a shark attacks? Many people do. This approach is often used in movies – a certain sound plays to let you know that something exciting lies ahead! Use social media to employ a similar tactic aimed at building excitement for your website launch.

Social media posts involve words and pictures. Your job is to put those together creatively to craft a campaign for your brand that goes beyond, “New website coming soon.” Delight your customers with a series of image-centric posts with just enough words to say, “Pay attention to our brand!”, generating intrigue and leading customers to greater involvement with your message.

Make the big ta-da.

Think about launch day. How do you want to approach it? Do you want to make a big splash on day one, or do you want to take the restaurant soft-opening tactic and release the site with a smaller scale announcement?

Let’s consider a soft opening type of release. No matter how hard designers and developers work, a great website can have a few errors. If you get the message out to a more limited audience, they can help you find the things that aren’t quite right so you can fix them before your big splash.

When it’s time for the big day, the moment you and your audience has been waiting for, make your announcement through as many channels as needed to reach it. You won’t issue a one-and-done announcement as it works best to reveal your new website in new and different ways so that you don’t miss those that weren’t paying attention. Here are some ideas to promote in your posts, over time:

  • Have you seen our new home page? We designed it for you.
  • Read the exciting (insert topic link here) blog post on our improved website.
  • Ordering is easier now with our new design. Check out the checkout!
  • Hurry to our new clearance section for special deals!
  • Now you can contact us directly for an appointment. Try this new website feature!

With varied and frequent posts, more people will get your message and, by targeting specific features on the site, more customers are likely to click and to view the site. Once the site is up and running, frequently include a call to action in your posts to encourage the reader. Be the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, or, rather, the attention your site deserves.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Raise the email banner.

Millions of people still use email, and it’s the most effective way to reach an audience of existing customers and other parties already interested enough to sign up to your email list. Create an enticing subject line message and an impactful, brand-consistent banner for your announcement. Each time you send the email, feature something new or redesigned on the site with a call to action that encourages a website visit.

Here’s a tip to go with sending the announcement email: find ways to build your email list before the launch. On your existing site or a newly created landing page, highlight a sign-up box, or use your social media posts to garner a big list. Flashing red arrows saying, “Sign up here?” That may be a bit much, but you get the idea that if you build you list, you’ll reach more people about your new or redesigned site.

Put yourself out there.

This tip aligns with all of the previous mentions and reminds you that Facebook, LinkedIn, and email aren’t your only announcement sharing options. Today’s world is all about finding ways to share information, ideas, opinions, and, unfortunately bad jokes. Your job is to find those media that will reach your audience based on their lifestyles and habits. Consider:

  • Postings videos
  • Creating a blog
  • Posting on others’ blog as a guest
  • Starting a podcast
  • Getting influencers to promote your brand
  • Getting everyone you know to promote your brand
  • Issuing press releases
  • Conducting ad campaigns

More ways exist to promote your brand and your news than we can name. Some may be unique to your business, so take advantage of those ways to announce your new site.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Make an offer your customers can’t refuse.

Wherever you decide to announce and promote your website, note that customers are always looking for something of value. While that can be as simple as an interesting new blog post, consider what you can offer that will really pull people in. It might be a discount on the first order from the new site, priority on getting an appointment if made through the new site, or a physical item that customers might like such a tote bag, coffee mug, or free e-book with an order.

Look into the crystal ball.

… or as we like to call it, the data. Track the numbers on everything you do. Run the analytics. Keep reinforcing paths that get visitors to your new site and secures new business. Shift your energy toward new paths of action if something isn’t working.

Final word.

If you’re putting the right time and energy into launching your site as you did in creating it, you’ll create a successful campaign that generates excitement and intrigue, resulting in site visits and greater business opportunities.

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