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Industrial Electric Machinery

Machinery manufacturer creates a strong online presence after acquisition to target larger clients and increase workforce.
"Everyone we worked with on the Thrive team, from design, copywriting, and photography exceeded our expectations. We are so happy with our new website!"

- Matt R, Sales Engineer, IEM
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The Problem

IEM Worldwide was acquired by NW Motor Service and was looking to combine the offering and messaging of both companies under one brand. Two brands for two different service areas confused customers and hamstrung salespeople. They needed to align the online and offline presence of their company while allowing their sales staff to confidently send customers to the website without worrying about seeming unprofessional or confusing the prospects. Unfortunately, the old website did not reflect the quality, experience, and professionalism of IEM.

The Prescription

We created a new website, built from the ground up, with a custom design to convey the unique offering, high-quality products/service, and expertise that IEM offers to its clients. Bringing their web presence up-to-date allows salespeople to confidently refer customers to the website. The website allows is better equipped to generate leads with an online form designed to collect information that can be exported to a CSV.



THe project scope

The Results

The immediate reaction from staff, vendors, and prospects is that IEM is a more legitimate company. The sales staff proudly refer customers to the website and it's become a key part of the buying process.

Visitors are now easily able to find the products and services that meet their needs and understand how these will help them be successful. The website clearly demonstrates the company's unique value proposition that will convert visitors into customers and attract dedicated people to enhance their workforce.
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