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4 Places to Update Your Customers About COVID-19 Business Adjustments

If your business is providing their services differently, has temporarily closed, or has pivoted in any way in response to COVID-19, there are four (4) places you must put this information.

In this video, I'll show where and how to update this information.

Control what you can control, stay safe, and come out of this ready to go back to business.

Where to update your business information during extenuating times.

Video transcript:

Hey, it's Noah from Thrive. I have four tips for what to do if your business is being affected by the COVID-19 crisis and where you should be updating information to provide your users what they need to know about how your services have changed.

1. Your website

And we're looking at a website here West Seattle Smile Co. this is one of the websites we created last year and they are a dental practice. All dental practices are closed until May 18th, except for emergencies. And so we just simply created a banner here with a read more button that gives, you know, really specific information about how their business is pivoting and changing. They're actually going to be providing teledentistry. Another company here, Paddy Coyne', this is a restaurant that's closed until further notice. And we made this one a little bit of a simpler piece of information, but there are more places you need to be updating your information than just your website.

2. Google My Business

The first one here is Google My Business. So when you, some people type in your service or your company name, a lot of time hopefully you'll be showing up here like I'm showing up for WordPress design Seattle, I'm showing up here in the three-pack, the map pack and you need to update this information as well so you do that within your Google My Business profile and the best way to do it, is just create a post and provide the information that people need right here and you can see that there's even a special COVID-19 update here. So I'm going to basically put in this little bit of information that says that my business is open and I'm going to say Learn More and it's just going to go to my contact page. I'm going to publish that really quickly.

3. Yelp

Next place is Yelp and I'm going to take that exact same message.

I'm going to keep it simple and put it here on that's where you can manage your Yelp business profile and I'm just going to copy and paste that same information to update it on Yelp.

4. Facebook

Finally, on Facebook on my business page, I'm going to do the same thing. Just copy and paste that information here. And some businesses, they use Yelp and Google my business and Facebook. I think all should be doing that, but those are the four places you should be at a minimum, providing information about how your business, if it's open or not. I mean, if you've actually closed down your business temporarily, you should be also updating the hours within Google my business and within Yelp as well to say, what hours are your new operating hours during this time? And same with Facebook because they do have an option on Facebook to indicate your business hours. Let me know if you run into any problems and need any tips on anything else to do COVID related. Thanks so much.

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