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10 Examples of Ugly Websites and How We Would Fix Them

In a world of 1.8 billion websites, not all of them will be winners. In fact, there are many websites that are notorious for how bad they are.

If you’re not serious about your business or enjoy notoriety, a bad website could be fun for you to maintain. Just take a look at the Space Jam website that’s still active from when the movie was released in 1996. Fans and 90’s fanatics love it for its throw-back aesthetic but it would be a terrible promo for any new movie.

If you want to get business from your website, it needs to be well designed. Let’s take a look at some of the worst of the worst out there and how we would fix them.

Top 10 worst websites on the internet.

And now, in no particular order, we present our choices for the worst websites on the internet.

1. Yale School of Art


The best art school in the country should have a better website to promote the school. This website should be geared towards prospective students and parents while providing information that current students need.

Let’s break down some of the changes we would make.

2. MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies Special Collection

MIT Special Collection

Another renowned institute of higher learning that has neglected the basics of good web design. There’s a lot that needs to be changed but let’s take a look at a few of the glaring things that need to be fixed.

3. Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Diller Scofidio website

When you launch your business website, you want to make sure your visitors know what it is you’re offering them. This website...does not do that.

4. Pacific Northwest X-Ray

Pacific Northwest X-ray website

You have to really know what you need if you find yourself at Pacific Northwest X-Ray. They are a one-stop-shop for medical providers who need anything for their x-ray machines. But this website is hard to navigate for even the most knowledgeable x-ray tech. So what would we fix first?

5. Gates n’ Fences

fixing ugly website

People love to use local businesses for home projects like installing gates and fences. Unfortunately for Gates n’ Fences, residents in their area are likely to look elsewhere if their first exposure to this business is their website. We would recommend the following first steps to convert website visitors into customers.

6. Coupons San Diego

At first glance, this site isn’t terrible. Sure it looks like it was thrown up quickly and cheaply but it’s not offensive. And then you start to scroll. That’s where our list of what to fix starts.

7. MGBD Parts

MGBD Parts and Services Website

This website can be summed up in two words: Too Busy. We get that you provide car parts for Rover P6 cars. There's a way to convey that without a billion pictures of the car.

8. Industrial Painter

Industrial Painter

We’re just going to jump right into the bad here because it is just appalling.

9. 007 Museum

James Bond Museum website

James Bond is cool. He’s debonair. He’s easy on the eyes. The website for his fan museum is none of those things.

10. is a Norweigen classifieds website. Most people are used to classified websites having at least a semblance of organization, even if the web design isn’t what we would call “attractive.” (See: Craig’s List.) has decided to go another direction.

Want to build something beautiful? We are a Seattle website design agency taking on new clients.

Final word.

Good web design can make all the difference in the world to your business. You have no more than 30 seconds to impress your website visitors before they leave your site if they don’t like what they see. Design plays a big part in that decision. Let us help you impress your website visitors with the design of your page so they stick around to be impressed by your business.

Noah Britton

Hi, I'm Noah Britton, the founder of Thrive. I focus on understanding our client's goals and proposing solutions including branding, website design, and marketing. After 20 years in business, I've earned the grey hairs and expertise needed to knock your project out of the park.

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