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Website Check-Up

like an annual physical, but for your website
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the first step is diagnosis

is your wordpress website maintainable?

We’ll find where the dead bodies are buried, security and performance issues, and much more.

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A check-up for your WordPress website is like a routine physical exam. WordPress is an amazing technology but there are many places where it can break down: performance, security, plugins, themes, custom code, 3rd party dependencies, and much more.

Get educated about what is (and isn't) working on your website before you make business decisions about its future.

Our check-up is the first step to receiving ongoing WordPress support from Thrive and being eligible for our website maintenance plan.

the check-up

here are the areas we review


Assess plugin compatibility, updates, and configurations to optimize performance and security.


Confirm premium plugin licenses are activated, current, and provide renewal options if expired.


Evaluate 3rd party dependencies for compatibility, updates, and functionality with WordPress.

custom code

Inspect and scrutinize custom code within themes, identifying potential errors or security vulnerabilities.


Analyze website performance metrics and recommend improvements for speed and efficiency.


Review security measures, identify threats, and suggest risk mitigation strategies.


Examine "parent / child" theme configuration for optimization and provide recommendations.

WP core

Review WordPress core compatibility with themes and plugins.

100% focused on wordpress

At Thrive, our dedication to WordPress enables us to deliver exceptional expertise and service to clients using this platform. By concentrating our resources and constantly honing our skills, we have acquired profound knowledge of WordPress features, capabilities, and best practices.

This focused approach allows us to craft customized, efficient, and user-friendly solutions specifically for WordPress clients.

By opting for an agency that specializes in WordPress, clients can trust they are collaborating with a team of professionals devoted to unlocking the full potential of their WordPress websites.


what you'll receive

We deliver our findings in a PDF report that includes a list of suggested action items ranked by priority. We will either walk you through this report on a zoom call or record a video of our findings.

Your website can then be onboarded onto our care plan. This will also allow you to use our WordPress support service and we'll start working on any items found on the check-up that you'd like fixed.

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Frequently asked Questions

I'm concerned about the cost of a website check-up. Why should I invest in it?

Your website is a valuable part of your business. A website check-up will identify underlying issues affecting your website's performance, security, and functionality. By addressing these issues, you can prevent costly problems in the future and ensure your website remains maintainable and efficient.

It's also the first step to having Thrive support your WordPress website. It takes significant time and effort to understand what we are working with and that will determine if we can provide WordPress support services and enroll you in our website care plan.

how quickly do you respond to requests?

We have a structured website check-up process that is designed to be both efficient and thorough. We ask for up to 5 business days to complete your check-up and provide you with the final results. 

If during our review of your website we discover we need more time, we'll let you know right away. 

How can I know you'll do a good job?

As a company 100% focused on WordPress, we have dedicated our resources to acquiring deep knowledge of WordPress features, capabilities, and best practices. Our specialization enables us to offer customized, efficient, and user-friendly solutions tailored specifically for WordPress clients.

We've worked with over 300 WordPress websites. We got this.

Will the check-up cover my specific and complex needs or just basic issues?

Our website check-up covers a comprehensive range of areas, including plugins, licenses, dependencies, custom code, performance, security, theme configuration, and WordPress core compatibility. This thorough approach ensures we address both basic and complex needs, providing valuable insights and recommendations for your website.

What if I have immediate needs that can't wait for a check-up?

We are always happy to discuss unique scenarios but please know that one-off fixes aren't a good match for Thrive's services.

To schedule your website check-up please give us a call at (206) 451-7326 or contact us.

Call: (206) 451-7326
Email: [email protected]
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