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If listing multiple offers, rank in order of priority for your marketing efforts.
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(e.g. job title, age, gender, net worth). If listing multiple ideal customers, rank in order of priority for your marketing efforts.
(e.g. expertise, cost, care). Rank in order of priority, if possible.

Please enter at least 10 keywords you think you would like to rank well for?

These keywords will help give us a starting point in our keyword research, so please make them as different as possible. For example, don't add both "law firm in Seattle" and "Seattle Attorneys" because they're too similar. Also keep in mind these terms may not included in the final list of keywords.

Who are your main 3 direct competitors that we should look at during our research?

It is important to list those with whom you are directly competing, not necessarily those who are the industry leaders. For example: if you are a small shipping company, do not list UPS and FedEx, but instead list "Bob's Delivery Service" that is in your town.

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