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Viviane Woodard

After new website redesign in late 2018 following year mostly online sales in 12 years of business in 3x volume of weekend orders.
“Before the new website, I would typically get only three orders on the weekends; now, I get anywhere from 10-15 orders. I don’t have to take orders on the phone anymore and the online system is much quicker. Even though we’ve been in business since 1958 our biggest # of sales online was 6 months after we went live. I’m so happy!”

- Sheryl T, owner, Viviane Woodard
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The Problem

Viviane Skincare’s website used to be difficult to update periodically stopped working, and the design/usability did not reflect the level of quality of the Viviane Woodard company. We needed the new website to not only look great and have a higher conversion of sales but the backend needed to be easy to use, error-free, and fast.

Sheryl’s goals were to see more sales, reduce customer frustrations, easily manage products, and streamline the shipping process.

The Prescription

To bring the long-established business into 2019, we delivered a bold, sleek, new minimalistic brand.

The new branding is far more professional and modern which showcases the professionalism and quality of the company and products on offer.

By moving away from the error-prone, old and outdated Magento system to a new custom-designed and developed WordPress website utilizing WooCommerce, we improved the shopping experience, but also give Sheryl a far easier way to manage her orders and shop.

Sheryl can now manage all aspects of products and orders including taking manual orders over the phone and managing all online stock. We've also helped streamline the business online ordering tax and shipping processes to lessen the admin burden.

THe project scope

The Results

With the launch of the new branding and website, we delivered a 25% increase in sales after just 3 months of going live and that number seems to be growing quarter on quarter.

Google rankings have solidly increased across the board for over 100 keywords representing better website visibility online.

Viviane Woodard clients can now checkout seamlessly across a variety of devices that suit them and still receive a great experience online.

Due to the improved back-end system and processes the company now saves 10-15 hours a week in admin time leading to a more efficient business with that time better spent elsewhere.
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