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Salesforce consulting firm gets an upgrade.

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“It’s been a really great process. I so appreciate your hand-holding and kindness in the process when we were going astray.”

- Sarah Miller, Co-Founder

The Problem

Shujaa Consulting was starting to grow, but their website was not equipped to keep up with them. Their first website had been “thrown together” on SquareSpace and was never supposed to be permanent. They needed a professional-looking website that demonstrated they were masters at helping social organizations and nonprofits use Salesforce to amplify their mission.

The Prescription

Thrive Design’s experience, price point, and own website proved they were the right fit for the job. Noah and Adam got to work building an authority website that showed visitors that Shujaa Consulting was the real deal. They added a contact form, created content to powerfully position Shujaa as a leader in their field, and streamlined the website design to lead potential clients through proof points to close the deal.

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Our Blueprint explores all the components to be successful online. We run a full analysis of your company's needs and only prescribe the items that makes the most sense for you.

The Results

Since the recent launch of their new website, Shujaa has had clients comment on the professionalism of the website when they call for a consultation. The website has been a great backbone to the referrals they receive.

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