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Our specialized construction website designs can solve any and all of these three pains: leads, close rate, and acquiring quality laborers. A great-looking, high-performing website is the critical first step for any construction company looking to find more quality leads, land more jobs, and find the qualified workers they need to match demand. 

Find more quality leads. In today’s digital world, websites are a crucial first impression for consumers. What does your website say about you? If it’s slow, outdated, and doesn’t showcase your best work, it’s not going to attract the kinds of leads you are looking for.

Land more jobs. When your potential customers are forming an opinion in 15 seconds or less, a professional-looking website is going to make all the difference in closing a job or losing it to your competition.

Attract qualified workers. We can help you showcase your job openings in powerful ways that will attract the laborers you need and help you implement a consistent intake process that makes it easy for them to work with you.

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Measure twice, cut once isn’t just great construction advice.

It’s great life, and construction website design, advice. Your investment in your website is probably considerable considering all that it can accomplish for your company. We don’t recommend making that kind of investment without research and comparison shopping to find the best construction web design firm.

We’ll wait. 

Back so soon? We’re not surprised. Our website design experts are the best at creating powerful designs that convert visitors to customers and customers to lifelong brand advocates. 

We create more than a website. We build you a brand presence. 

At Thrive, we pride ourselves on offering the best construction website design for home builders in Seattle and beyond. Contact us today to see how we can help.

See how we helped Seattle-based Natural Creations Pools shine online.

Natural Pool Creations is known for their stunning, custom-built pools that run between $300,000-$400,000. Their website was not a reflection of their quality workmanship or the high-end market they served. We transformed their website into one that is cleaner and more easily-digestible website that appealed to their target audience much more than their old website did. The new sense of professionalism and clarity that our redesign gave them instilled a new confidence in the customers they were asking to spend almost half a million dollars. 

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Get a website that tackles all the challenges you may face online.

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You clients depend on your expertise and experience to steer them through their project successfully. Your construction company’s website design can make all the difference between landing the kinds of clients you are looking for and losing business to your competitors. 

Build trust among your potential clients.

Build Trust Among Potential Clients

Great web design gives you the chance to show off all of the certifications and credentials that are essential in building trust among your potential clients. LEED-certified? Display that badge prominently! Won any awards? Tell the world about them! 

A great construction company website design will give you the place to show the world all you’ve done and all you’ve worked for that sets you apart from your competition. Your website should make clear all of your:

  • Licensures
  • Certifications (LEED, etc.)
  • Memberships (any national/state associations or groups)
  • Awards and recognition
  • Better Business Bureau rating
  • Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, and any other social ratings you have.

These are all necessary trust builders among your target audience. Prominently displaying them shows that you are proud of all your hard work and that you are a trustworthy company.

Find and convert more qualified leads.

Find and Convert More Leads

Website design is more than making something pretty to look at. It’s about accessibility, user-experience, and ensuring that potential clients can find you. Great website design ensures that your website is mobile-friendly and device neutral, meaning that people accessing your website have the same amazing user experience no matter how they find your website.  

Fast load times, simple navigation structures, and stunning design combine to make your website more likely to be found and displayed on the first page of search results, as well as more likely to convert your visitors into new and loyal customers. 

Showcase your best of the best.

Showcase Your Best of the Best

What is the number one way that customers choose a construction company? Based on their previous jobs. Website design for construction companies should make the company’s previous work a central part of users’ website experience. When you meet clients in the office, you show them your portfolio of work. Their online experience should be no different.

Demonstrate your expertise.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Whether you’re trying to stand out in a crowded local or national market, a website that shows you are an expert in your field goes a long way to setting yourself apart from your competitors. Our construction web designs demonstrate through their look, feel, and copy that you are the expert that should be trusted with any construction job your clients can dream.

How we help you succeed online as a construction company.

1. Prominently display your best work.

Prominently Display Your Best Work

A portfolio of your best work is one of the biggest selling points for your potential clients. A prominently displayed portfolio is a powerful part of our website design for construction companies. We showcase you in your best light with interactive portfolios designed to draw in clients and transport them to a world where their construction dreams come true.

2. Help your customer understand your service and process.

Help Your Client Understand Your Process

Once a client has decided that you are their first choice for their construction project, it can be easy to lose them if they are unclear about what their next steps need to be. Construction company website design needs to make their customer journey clear from the moment they land on your page. We make it easy for your customers to go from interested to putting down a deposit in just a few easy clicks.

3. Show what it’s like to work at your company.

Show What Its Like to Work at Your Company

It can be difficult to find qualified, experienced construction labor. When you need to hire qualified labor to round out your workforce, you need a website that can communicate all the benefits of choosing your company. We make sure to focus on showing that your company is the company to work for qualified construction workers.

4. People hire other people. We can help your personality shine.

Humans Hire Other Humans

People are not looking to hire robots to build their next home or renovation project. They are looking for someone they can collaborate with. Someone who can take their ideas and make them a reality. Someone who can keep them on time and on budget, but also is able to communicate why a schedule or budget adjustment is necessary. Your website can communicate all of that, and more, to your potential clients before you even meet them.

Why hire a pro to build your construction website?

Why Hire a Pro

Would you recommend people DIY their next deck building project? Or major kitchen renovation? What about their next new home build? No? We trust you on that because you’re the experts.

So trust us when we say you need a pro to build your next construction website. Our years of expertise have prepared us to tackle your construction web design project head-on with all the tools of the trade that will have you showing up on page one of Google, delighting customers, and landing jobs you never thought possible. 

As professional web designers and developers, we know there are no second chances on the Internet, so be sure that you make a good first impression. Thrive is dedicated to helping you grab their customers’ attention — and keep it — with a modern digital home for your construction business.

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