26.5% reduction in users leaving Marijuana Dispensary Website


I couldn't be happier with the choice we made. Noah and Adam were, and have been, an absolute pleasure to work with. Amazing communication, flexible scheduling and great attention to detail with a great out of the box approach has left us with a great website and exactly what we needed.

Paul "Pinney" Mishraki
Chief Marketing Officer
Satori MJ

The Problem

Satori owns 6 Cannabis Dispensaries throughout Washington State and Alaska. They came to us with a separate website for each of their dispensaries.

By having separate websites with unique designs and quality of messaging their online experience was confusing and inconsistent.

Satori could not edit their websites without paying their developers. This led to a long delay in updates and a large monthly bill.


The Solution

We created an easy to use and beautiful website for Satori that covered their 6 locations and allows for growth. Satori now showcases each individual location in their own right under one cohesive brand.

Satori is now positioned as a friendly, welcoming brand with medically certified budtenders on hand for both current and new customers.

Now users can get a sense of community and view ongoing events/see relevant news information for each location.

Visitors feel that they are welcome and that if this was their first experience in the world of marijuana it now feels natural, safe, secure, inviting, and inclusive.

Satori now has a 21+ pop-up to make sure it’s users opt-in to view the website.


The Results

Satori’s website is visually stunning and their users now are able to see exactly the information they are looking for quickly and without confusion.

Online orders are increasing and the staff is confident in directing their users to the website. Satori finally has an online presence they can be proud of and are in the works to expand their offering.

By bringing all locations under one domain and using proper redirection techniques, their local SEO has also increased.

Satori can now take online orders with confidence and now allow producers and processors who want to work with them to fill in an application form.