NW Builder Group.


NW Builder Group is a building restoration and construction company that services five counties in Wahington state. They are the folks that insurance adjusters call when there is a fire, water, or wind loss on a house and their insured client needs help. They also build custom homes and manage remodeling and addition projects. What gets them up in the morning is the pleasure of putting things back together, the beauty of creating, the ever-changing nature of their projects, and having meaningful relationships with their clients that have gone through a loss on their home or want to build one.


Being a new business, NW Builder Group knew that they had to put their best foot forward online from the beginning. Showcasing their work online and showing their legitimacy was top of their goals list. These both point to their ultimate goal which is consistent lead flow for the company. The construction industry can be feast or famine and have a consistent flow of incoming leads and converting them is the #1 project goal.

NW Builder Group Business Goals:

  • Show credibility to potential clients referred by insurance adjusters.
  • Showcase insurance restoration work.
  • Showcase new construction projects.
  • Collect leads through the website.

The main audience for nwbuildergroup.com is residential homeowners that have had a home loss and have been directed by an insurance adjuster.

Target Audience Goals:

  • See if services provided by NW Builder Group match the type of loss they have incurred.
  • Review before & after photos of projects that are similar to what they have.
  • Understand the next steps in getting in contact with NW Builder Group if there is a match.
  • Feel confident in NW Builder Group’s team through pictures of the team, testimonials, accreditation, and affiliations.
  • Website Design
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom WordPress
  • On Page SEO / Google Submission
  • Highlight accreditations to show professionalism and legitimacy of the company.
  • Showcase in a user-friendly gallery a selection of images showing before and after insurance restoration work.
  • Showcase in a user-friendly gallery a selection of images showing new construction work.
  • Collect and show customer testimonials to create social validation for users.
  • Provide relevant information and credibility to users and funnel them towards filling in an inquiry form that has some basic questions such as type of loss, insurance claim #, etc.
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