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Cult Cannabis Co.

Washington cannabis dispensary levels up its web presence to showcase its authority, expertise, and new brand.
"Thrive delivered our website quickly and we always knew where we were in the project. Nice work team!"

- Amanda, Manager, Cult Cannabis Co.
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The Problem

Cult Cannabis Co. is a marijuana dispensary in Ferndale, WA. They were the first recreational cannabis dispensary in the area and are a beloved community institution. But just because their brick and mortar presence was successful doesn't mean their web presence matched that success. Their website was almost 8 years old, outdated, and stale. It was confusing, inconsistent, and didn’t match the level of company that Cult Cannabis had become. It was stuck in the dorm room while the company had grown into a mature, expertise-based company dedicated to "cultivating connoisseurs." Things didn't look much better on the technical side. For instance, their marijuana product menu took more than 18 seconds to load. No wonder they weren't getting any online orders!  
Here's the site they had.

The Prescription

We sat down with the team at Cult Cannabis to find out what made them unique, what made them stand out from the other dispensaries in the area. After our in-depth intake interview, we had a better understanding of what they needed their website to be and what they needed their website to do.

They needed a website that made it easier for customers to order online for in-person pickup and explained the process in detail. They needed a website that supported their new branding and was easy to use and update. Bottom line, they needed a website that showed they were a professional company with expert-level knowledge and advice for their customers.

Once we determined their exact needs, we started to build their new website based on SEO best practices. Our photographer took headshots of their staff, location, and more than 200 products. Our copywriter wrote words that inspired users to take action.

The final product was a sleek, fast website that showcased Cult Cannabis's expertise and authority, was easy for customers to use, and facilitated online ordering with the goal of increasing online orders to 10% of all sales within a year of going live.

The Results

Cult Cannabis's new website powerfully positions them as the premier dispensary in the Ferndale region. While this website is new the engagement and sales numbers are encouraging so far. Once we have six (6) months of data, Thrive will a full ROI analysis and report back here!  
See it live
Here's the awesome NEW site we built!

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