Cavalry Law Firm.

A professional website allowed a new law firm to compete with their well-established competitors.

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“If you're looking for web design you can see that they put a lot of time into their web presence and it works. That will carry over into your project as well. They use a lot of innovative tools which you can learn to do from them to get more clients,”

- Justin Aanenson, Co-Founder, Cavalry Law Firm, PLLC

The Problem

After partnering with two other Seattle-area attorneys to found the criminal defense-focused Cavalry Law Firm, Justin Aanenson needed to build a website from scratch to promote the new firm. He needed a professional, well-designed website that showed professionalism and highlighted their expertise. He also needed a landing page template to help with advertising and digital marketing efforts.

The Prescription

Cavalry Law Firm needed an authority website that they could confidently send potential clients to in order to give them more information about the firm. The website needed to show the Cavalry team as the award-winning lawyers they are.

We built out a fully-formed website that highlighted not only their team of lawyers but also dove into each of their practice areas. Their website is now full of information potential clients need to know before they contact the firm to discuss representation. We also added a section for client testimonials to add a critical trust factor for people looking for a lawyer.

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Our Blueprint explores all the components to be successful online. We run a full analysis of your company's needs and only prescribe the items that makes the most sense for you.

The Results

Once launched, the new Cavalry Law Firm website allowed this brand-new firm to compete with other well-established law firms in their industry. Lawyers at the firm can feel confident directing potential clients to the website knowing that it’s an accurate representation of their professionalism and expertise.

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