CannaCon is one of the world’s largest cannabis industry event organizations. Based just north of Seattle, they run multi-day cannabis conferences across the US with hundreds of exhibitors, dozens of speakers, and up to 12,000 attendees. They have an active voice in the community, write quality content, and even run a podcast. CannaCon is an innovator in the cannabis event space and their events may be coming to a city near you soon. Current expo locations include Seattle, Detroit, Boston, and Oklahoma.


CannaCon was an existing support client with us for six months before we redeveloped their website.

The website they came with did not allow their staff to easily edit their content. This was frustrating for them as their website needed to be changed dozens of times a day. Adding speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors with very little notice was a requirement of their project and they always had to call us to accomplish the task. It was expensive to have to pay someone else to make basic changes and they have the immediate gratification of making a change right away. When a sponsor is paying $10,000 you bet they want their information on the website that day!

Once their website was set live we barely heard from them again which is a good thing! They were empowered to manage their own content.

As a bonus, the new website was a design and usability upgrade and also loaded faster leading to more user engagement and leads.

  • Website Design
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom WordPress
  • On Page SEO / Google Submission
  • All content editable by client
  • Custom logic for the display and management of speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors
  • Embedded video
  • Integration with 3rd party ticket sales, conference map software,
  • Custom blog
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